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Lee Koch (pronounced "cook") carries a worldly, well-worn humbleness that is both captivating and refreshing, alluding to an era when pop music was used to express the depths of an artist’s soul. Lee’s newest album, Whole Heart, bears the gift of a voice brimming with honesty, full of youthful hopefulness and ambition.

Growing up in the Inland Empire of Southern California, Lee Koch came of age with the radio dialed into the Golden Oldies. He soaked in the great music of Motown and the gritty voices of 60’s Rock, eventually crafting his own songs and developing a unique, rootsy croon. After finishing high school Lee cut his teeth playing harmonica and singing at blues clubs along the coast of Southern California.

He moved to Ventura and released his first record, Same As Blood, in 2009. A debut that moved Surfer Magazine senior writer Gabe Sullivan to declare “It’s a rare treat to discover music that gives you goose bumps and inspire you to be a better person. The first musician who made me feel this way was Ben Harper. Now it’s Lee Koch.”

Whether he is professing his passionate faith or barreling into a barn stomper with machine gun lyrics, Lee’s performances are imbued with artistry and integrity. People that see his live show try to explain their natural attraction. It's a kind of electricity. You believe what he's singing. His concerts are known to lift up, shake down, and send you off with a new voice in your head.







Lee Koch



The appropriately titled Whole Heart, a slightly stripped-down affair, touches on Koch’s recent rollercoaster ride in the music industry and beyond. From his marriage to his brush with fame, to the extensive traveling, to rediscovering his love of performing, the record is a powerful and encompassing work.
— Chris Jay, VC Reporter

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