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Soulful Americana

The appropriately titled Whole Heart, a slightly stripped-down affair, touches on Koch’s recent rollercoaster ride in the music industry and beyond. From his marriage to his brush with fame, to the extensive traveling, to rediscovering his love of performing, the record is a powerful and encompassing work.
— Chris Jay, VC Reporter
The Temecula musician’s strength is in the stories he tells on new album “Whole Heart,” the tales of redemption, love, perseverance, and spirituality, forged from the human experience.
— Vanessa Franko, The Press Enterprise
Blown away, one of my favorite CDs.
— Cathryn Beeks, Homegrown Hour, KPRI 102.1
It’s a rare treat to discover an artist whose music gives you goose bumps and whose lyrics inspire you to be a better person. The first musician who made me feel this way was Ben Harper. Then it was Sufjan Stevens. Now it’s Lee Koch.
— Gabe Sullivan, Senior Writer, Surfer Magazine

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